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Self Employed Carer

Being your own boss. Choosing your clients and locations.

Comfortable Accommodation, Rewarding Work, Good Money.

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Once you have registered with us and you have produced evidence of your work experience, references and training certificates.  A CRB check will be carried out, which you will pay for. Please provide your proof of self employment, by bringing  either your tax return or P45

Once you are accepted to join the team, we will match your skills and preferences with the clients available on our data base.  Great care is taken to match our clients to the carers as near as possible to each other and a suitable placement is found.  We work up and down the country, where we have various lengths of contracts. 

All the carers that we introduce to clients are self employed. You will produce an invoice at the end of your assignment. This would normally have your fee for that assignment, travel expenses, and and other expenses you may have incurred during your stay.  Keep any invoices that are related to you being reimbursed for that particular assignment.

You would normally present your invoice a couple of days before. This enables you to get a cheque into the bank before you leave, and give it a chance to clear. Some clients like to do a bacs transfer, but that is between you and the client.

As a  person you will need to register with the Inland Revenue.  You will find information on the self employment website.   www.hmrc.gov.uk/selfemployed/.  If you are not sure where your tax office is, please contact the office we are always willing to help.

Self-employed pension schemes

If you are self-employed, you don’t get the benefit of employer pension contributions, so you need to consider your own arrangements.  It would be wise to consider donating a small amount towards your retirement age.  Saving into a pension gives valuable tax relief, with changes to the system from April 2015 ensuring you have the freedom to use your fund as you wish at retirement.

Options include stakeholder pensions, which are simple and have capped charges, as well as low, flexible minimum contributions.  Alternatively, you could go for a self-invested personal pension, with wider investment choice.

If you have already built up a substantial fund, you continue to save into ISA or other savings vehicles instead, but make sure you continue to set money aside for retirement.

For more information, check out the following link regarding pensions.


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