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Dementia Care

Our Carers are specialists when dealing with Dementia

How We Help With Dementia Care

When dementia and caring for someone with dementia gets beyond the level at which hourly care can help, or the family carer needs a proper holiday, this is where live-in care comes in. Live-in care is the obvious alternative to a care home or a nursing home, especially for someone with dementia, for whom the disturbance and uprooting of moving to a care home can be miserable.

A live-in carer stays in her client’s house, and is trained to care for someone with dementia (we know the training is good, because the number of calls from carers for help and advice with dementia clients has fallen dramatically, since we made dementia training compulsory). The carer is there all day, to help his or her client to do the things she wants to do.

Dementia Care For The Elderly

A change in routines and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. That’s why more families than ever are turning to home care rather than residential care, so their loved one can stay in the place they know and love.

As the nation’s leading dementia home care provider, we have almost three decades of experience in caring for people with dementia. Whether you’re looking for ongoing support from a live-in carer or a regular visiting care assistant, choosing Angelicare means your loved one can have one-to-one attention in their own home.

We’re helping people every day to cope with the various challenges that come with dementia and memory loss. With hundreds of different strains of this sometimes debilitating condition and many different stages, one of our handpicked carers will maintain your loved one’s everyday routines and can ease the strain on your family.

Call us today to find out more about our dementia care services and the many flexible options for dementia care at home.

Dementia Facts

  1. Dementia itself is not a disease – it’s actually caused by lots of different diseases.
  2. Dementia isn’t inevitable with age– Although common, it’s is not a normal part of getting older.
  3. Dementia is more than just memory loss – the condition affects people in a wide variety of ways.
  4. You can be independent and active – there are many people in the UK and across the world who do so.
  5. Dementia has a bigger impact on women – half a million women in the UK are now living with dementia.


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